Bee Yogi

This is one of our favourite projects, because we were able to learn yoga with Sabine to understand her need for a website. She’s german and she expected only but the best results. And in time.

We went through a long process of wireframing and revisions by the customer, until finally we reached the desired design. A minimalistic approach with an ease for reading and sharing the services offered.

Thankfully we could convince her to create a blog to make the experience even better for her customers, this way she can communicate with her audience and reach further.

The website was created under WordPress with a custom made template. Even though it’s online, we’re currently working on the second phase of the project, involving a booking system for online yoga classes and online payment for her international customers.

We were able to work with a wonderful photographer, Dragana Rankovic, who made a perfect photo session on the beaches of Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you’re a true beginner and wish to learn the fundamentals of yoga and meditation, don’t hesitate to visit the website:

Creative Services

The Project